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Resurrection Hope

by on June 5, 2013

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his spirit, who lives in you.”

– Romans 8:11

We often refer to our Christian fellowship as a ‘church family’ and indeed this is what we are as the Apostle Paul refers to the believers as ‘brothers’ (which of course meant brothers and sisters). As is true in our own families we celebrate together the joys and sorrows that come with such close relationships. I, along with all our Berean family, was deeply saddened with the loss of a dear brother this past week whom God called home. While we know that our loss was his gain (2 Cor. 5:6-8), we will go through the grieving with his family, because we too are family in Christ.

In light of this, our verse for the week (Rom. 8:11) could not have been more appropriate. The hope and belief in the resurrection is foundational to everything we believe as Christians. It is certainly a great mystery for us that God will raise our earthly bodies so that they will be like our Lord’s and yet we each will still retain our identity and uniqueness. Paul tells us that Christ became the ‘first fruits’ of those who will rise from the dead. Christ becomes the pattern for our resurrection and we know therefore that each of us will still have our persona, our glorified body somehow related to our present body, and yet it will be wholly new. I will be me, you will be you, but it will be different. Even the phrase Paul uses, ‘spiritual bodies’, is such a wonderful mystery as spirit implies non-material, and body implies material. We will have a real and true ‘spiritual body’ fit for heaven and eternity.

Mystery is part of our faith, and this is why Paul tells us we ‘walk by faith and not by sight’, but we still ‘walk’ each day fully trusting and serving our Lord. We know from our verse this week that it is ‘the Spirit’ that will give life to our mortal bodies, and we also know the Spirit has given eternal life to us already. As a family of faith, we enjoy each other each day that the Lord gives us hear on earth, and we look forward to enjoying all eternity together as family, as His family, the Church the Body of Christ. Let’s remember Paul’s words, ‘if the Spirit . . . is living in you’ is essential for our hope and it is my prayer that everyone reading this has that assurance and hope. If you ever need to talk about this or need guidance in your spiritual walk, we are here to help as your pastors.

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