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When I’m 50 (or 64…)

by on February 13, 2014

This past week there was a lot of interest and publicity about the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Whether you care for the Beatles or not there is no doubt they had a huge cultural impact in America and the music industry. I must admit it is interesting to reflect on their song ‘When I’m 64’ and to think the two surviving members of the band are well past that age, and two never made it to 64. Time does go by quickly and we are reminded even in this of the temporal nature of our culture.

There was another very significant event that took place that had a huge impact on many of our lives as well and though not celebrated in the news or even known by many, we need to remember it. In 1964 a group of committed believers stepped out on a great leap of faith and began a brand new church – The Berean Church (later to be renamed The Berean Bible Church). These people (including my family and my wife’s family) sacrificed greatly to establish a place where they could freely proclaim the grace of God through a Dispensational understanding of Scripture. They also sacrificed financially and with their time to purchase property, build our facilities and plan for the future. As our founding Pastor often remarked we left and started ‘without even a paper clip’. Our focus always was ‘we are building a church where our children and youth will have a place to learn God’s Word’. We did so, and I for one have been a recipient of that investment, as was my wife and our children and grand-children.

Fifty years later we realize how many lives have been impacted by this work, how many pastors and full time missionaries have been sent, how many other churches have benefited from those trained here, and how God has used our ministries throughout the world. The year 2014 is an important milestone for us, and affords an opportunity to look back with gratitude and wonderful memories, but also to look ahead to the next 50 years (or until our Lord returns). We always need to ask ‘are the best 50 years just behind us or ahead of us as well?’ During the next several months we will use this blog to highlight some of the important events and ministries from the past, but we do so with our eyes looking to the present and future to follow God’s lead as we continue to impact our culture for Christ. If you ever have time you should stop by the Library and browse through our wonderful church history 2 volume set, I know I will use it to share in this blog the next months.

The Beatles asked the question ‘when I get older, losing my hair many years from now . . .will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64’ and I am happy to report that the Word of God is still feeding Berean’s 50 years and counting and the Lord will honor a commitment to His Word. I have indeed lost all my hair but I also report that we still need one another and give thanks for a genuine ‘church home’ to all our own.

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