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Home, Wholeness and Hope – Week 5

by on February 4, 2015

From January through Easter we are doing a church-wide study of the Gospel of Mark. Each week we distribute study questions to help lead you into discussions with your family and friends. Below are the questions from week 5.

Click here to listen to the Week 5 sermon from Pastor Jim.

  • Why do you think Jesus was sleeping through the storm?
  • What is the connection between fear and faith in each of these stories? Is it possible to be fearful and still have faith?
  • By this point the disciples had seen Jesus perform many different kinds of miracles but they seemed surprised and even frightened that “even the wind and the waves obey him.” What was different about Jesus calming a storm compared to other miracles they had seen Him do?
  • What lessons do you think the disciples learned from that storm experience? Have you learned any lessons about experiencing stormy times in your life?
  • Why wouldn’t Jesus allow the man healed of the demonic forces to join him in his travel back to Galilee? What was the ministry that he was called to instead?
  • Jesus tells the healed man in Mark 5 to go and tell everyone, and yet he tells the family of the young girl raised back to life to tell nobody. Why do you think Jesus gives these seemingly contradictory instructions about spreading the good news?
  • In both Mar 5 and 6 the Gospel proclamation is connected with the idea of ‘home.’ What would you consider to be your ‘home’ when it comes to sharing the Gospel message?
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