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Life is Good! – Week 6

by on February 10, 2015

From January through Easter we are doing a church-wide study of the Gospel of Mark. Each week we distribute study questions to help lead you into discussions with your family and friends. Below are the questions from week 6.

Pastor Jim gave an brief devotional this past Sunday, because our children were leading us with a special musical presentation during the morning worship service. Click here to listen to the Week 6 sermon from Pastor Jim.

  • Several times in Mark 6 and 7 we hear of Jesus trying to get away from the crowds to have a time of quiet, rest and prayer. The people were anxious to be with Jesus so He rarely seemed to be able to keep the crowds away. Why do you think the people were so captivated by Jesus then, but today so few people seem eager to learn about Him?
  • Jesus had compassion on the crowd of people because they were like sheep without a shepherd, so He taught them. What are some of the other ways Jesus showed is compassion to the people who gathered around Him? What has Jesus done to show His compassion for you and your family?
  • When it came time to feed the hungry crowd, Jesus could have created any food from nothing? Why do you think He asked the disciples to find out what food was available, then took those five loaves and two fish and multiplied them?
  • After Jesus surprised the disciples by walking to them on water, He got into the boat, the wind died down and told them not to be afraid. Then in verses 51 and 52 it says, “They were completely amazed,for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.”  What was the connections between the loaves and their amazement at that time?
  • Jesus accuses the Pharisees of setting aside the commands of God for the sake of their religious traditions. Are there ways that you are guilty of the same? What questions can we ask of ourselves to help us remember to put aside our traditions and focus on God’s Word?
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