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Ladies Camp 2016

by on June 1, 2016

Ladies Camp in Review Phew! What a whirlwind of activity it was! But now all the planning and promotion for Ladies Camp 2016 is over, attendees have returned to their daily lives, and the committee has debriefed. Now what? Based on comments from surveys, here is what our ladies are taking away:

* A vision of how to better minister to our families and church

* The encouragement and challenge to be more purposeful

* Information that was relevant for the start of a new marriage

* A refocus on God and His word

* Friendships with ladies outside the church setting

* Refreshment and a recharge

* Encouragement from believing women

* Some relief from present worries

* Kathy Molenkamp’s teachings and challenge to be more consciously content, along with scriptures we can go back and review

And some specific highlights they mentioned:

* Beautiful surroundings (Once again, we were blessed with beautiful weather, as well)

* 67 women singing in the dining hall before meals

* Nice not to have cell service!

* Kathy Molenkamp – she knows the Bible and she knows us

* Spending time with old friends and meeting new friends

* The music was wonderful

The overwhelmingly positive responses have encouraged the Women’s Ministries committee to move forward with plans for not only another weekend Ladies Camp in two years, but a one-day Ladies Day Camp next spring. Watch for announcements next fall with dates and more detail!

-Liane H.


Hello, Ladies Camper!

I trust you have fond memories of Ladies Camp and have been thinking about the things we learned about Conscious Contentment. If you remember, near the end of the weekend I suggested that we all pray for each other. A thoughtful friend suggested that I send out a list of names so that we can do just that. Therefore I’m including first names of all our campers here for you. As the Lord brings them to mind, will you please pray for your sisters in Christ?

Kirsten, Ellen, Suzy, Sheri, Laura, Sharon, Beth, Heidi, Krista, Sheri, Merry, Beth, Margaret, Marcie, Chrisann, Sandie, Tara, Rachel, Liane, Pat, Tami, Ruth, Kellie, Shery, Kim, Angela, Christie, Candace, Bonnie, Julie, Lauren, Becky, Teri, Kris, Gail, Brenda, Heidi, Beth, Carol, Kathy, Megan, Sarah, Faith, Karen, Shelley, Shelley, Patti, Gretchen, Joanne, Vaila, Katie, Heather, Teresa, Jennifer, Lauren, Jo Ann, Tenisha, Karen, Liz, Linnea, Barb, Julie, Sally, Sena, Ursula, Karissa, Melanie.

Thank you again, for coming to Ladies Camp!

-Liane H.

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