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God Wins

by on June 2, 2016

ON A RECENT VISIT to my daughter’s home, five year old Ben announced that he had asked Jesus into his heart at Sunday School. “Now, I’m a REAL Christian.” Wanting to make a memory, as Grandmothers often do, I congratulated him on his wise decision and proceeded to ask him questions. He politely offered a couple short answers and then changed the subject with, “Grandma, do you want to play a game?” Conversation over!

“Sure, I’ll play a game. What do you want to play?”

We went to the kitchen table where Ben began to set out the game pieces; a place for me, his three year old brother, Sam, himself and an extra place. I asked Ben about the extra place. He said, “That’s God’s place.” HMMMM – this is going to be interesting.

We played the game with Ben taking his turn and God’s turn. I was amazed at Sam’s lack of response to Ben getting two turns to his one turn. Usually, this would be cause for comment, to say the least, but nothing was mentioned. The game proceeded; Ben, Sam, Grandma, God; Ben Sam, Grandma, God; etc. The game ended with Ben in first place, Grandma second, Sam third and God last. Usually, the game ends with the winner proclaiming, “I WON!” But, with some concern and question in his voice Ben said, “God lost!?”

With both Ben and Sam silently staring at me, it was clear they expected an explanation. I stuttered out my response, “Ah, hmmm, well guys, I think God always wins.” “Right now, God is just happy that you included him in your game.” “He wants to be included in our lives and you are showing God that he is important to you by having him play the game with you.” “So, God wins!”


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