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Preparing for Take-Off

by on May 2, 2017

Fifty nine seconds.  One short of a minute.  Not a very long time.  But it was long enough to change the world.  And as the Israel team prepares to leave we have a lot to be thankful for regarding those fifty nine seconds.

Ever since Pastor Jim made it known that he was ready to lead another trip to that gutty little country surrounded by its enemies in the middle east it seems like it has taken forever to come to the day of departure. So now the 59 are prepared to go almost half way around the world to bring us to a better understanding of the Book we have grown up with. We’ve been like kids at Christmas waiting for this day to arrive.  And soon the gift that Pastor Jim offered will be opened.  But without those 59 seconds we wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Let’s go back to December 1903.  A beach in North Carolina.  Two brothers not worried about Christmas. Two men battling the elements to change the world. And they did.  Orville & Wilbur’s plane flew 852 feet in 59 seconds.  Without that accomplishment, which we don’t even think twice about anymore, the 16 hours in the air that we will be wrung through to get to Israel would have been a long boat ride.

And as we board that 231′ Boeing 747, approximately a ¼ of the length on the Wright brothers first flight, some of us may grumble about the amount of time it will take to “get there” but at least we are able to grumble because that’s taken for granted also and we will get there in less than 24 hours.

We praise God for this opportunity and hope to share with you some of what we learn and the ways God teaches us on this journey.  Here we go!

John Bates

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One Comment
  1. r77p permalink

    God bless you all thru jetlag and whole trip. Tks for keeping us updated! We’re praying!

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