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Via Dolorosa

by on May 9, 2017


Today began early! We had early appointments for a tour under the western wall but also stopped to see the Wailing Wall. Men and women are separated and with heads covered we could approach the wall with prayers written out and rolled up. Watching the young Jewish women with their faces in their prayer books and rocking back and forth made me so grateful that because of Jesus, I can talk to God directly. I’m also thankful the Holy Spirit prays for me when I have no words.

We made our way to the Via Dolorosa, the “traditional” path that many believe Jesus walked carrying the cross. As we walked I was reminded of the distractions we all have. Shopkeepers were calling out, “Twenty postcards, five dollars. Come into my shop and I will make you a special deal.” Jesus also would have been walking along a path where vendors would have been out. Vendors today sell smooth, polished crosses. Jesus’ cross would have been rough and splintered.

A group of Catholic pilgrims came down the street following a man holding up a cross. They visit the “Fourteen Stations of the Cross”. Every few yards they had to side step a pile of garbage, leftover reminders that people work in the shops that crowd against the street on each side.

It is difficult to focus on “the cross of Christ” when we have so many distractions in our lives. A hymn that comes to mind, “I have decided to follow Jesus” The stanza says, “The cross before me that world behind me… No turning back, no turning back.” We need to follow Him through the difficult days. This time of challenge can strengthen our faith. Stay behind Jesus and depend on His wisdom and care. If He can handle the foes of hell, He can whatever circumstances you are facing.


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  1. JulieH permalink

    WONDERFUL!!! I shared this with some in need-it HITS THE SPOT-PTL!

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