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Jerash, Jordan

by on May 11, 2017

This morning we bid farewell to Jerusalem and our wonderful tour guides, Jeremy and Kathryn.  From Jerusalem we drove East to Jericho, then North to Beit She’An, where we again turned East to cross the Jordan River into the country of Jordan and met our Jordanian tour guides.

The hills in Jordan are higher than in Israel with more trees. We stopped for lunch before traveling to the ancient city of Jerash, with spectacular ruins of a Decapolis city that was thriving at the time of Jesus.

While the majority of our group walked about the ruins, Maureen, Norma and I sat in the shade of Hadrian’s Arch and had a delightful conversation with a friendly Jordanian man, named Mahmoud, about 24 years old.  He told us about his country and his life and his attempt to get a visa to visit a friend in California (he was denied a visa).  He wanted to know what we thought of his country and what was it like in America.  We traded questions and answers for about an hour.  When it was time to leave we wished him well and that he would someday get the opportunity to visit America.



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  1. Roy permalink

    I didn’t even know about this ancient Decapolis city. I wish I was there.

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