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Last full day in Israel

by on May 11, 2017

One of my most memorable and inspirational moments was Pastor Jim serving us communion in the beauty and quiet of the garden away from the traffic and crowds. I am sure whenever I take communion I will remember this time. The songs we sang, “Low in the Grave He Lay” and “I Serve a Risen Savior” were so meaningful, reminding us that He is Risen. Praise the Lord.

We went through the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, the Davidson Center, that was all under dirt until 1967. That is where Jesus walked. He would have bought his sacrifice there and walked up the steps through the Temple Eastern Huldah Gates. As Jim read Psalm 120 we could hear the Muslim call to prayer.


In Bethlehem we met the Christian family that owns the olive wood factory. There are only about 20% Christians in Bethlehem we went through the church that is believed to be where Jesus was born. For many of us it was a disappointment; not a simple stable in our minds. It’s a large ornate church is built over it and is controlled by three church groups, Armenian, Roman Catholic, and Greek Orthodox.

We evening ended with a pleasant, informal presentation by Kathryn Abraham Vandervedk. She was one of our guides and is a musician and recording artist. She’s a professional cellist with the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra. She shared about learning at age 17 that she was Jewish and how God brought her to a saving knowledge of Him. She blessed us playing her Celtics harp and singing Shema and the Aaron ice blessing from Deut 6.

This was our last day with our Israel guides, Jeremy and Kathryn. Pastor Jim said this was his first trip here with Christian guides. We were so blessed to have their knowledge of Scripture and Israel.

What a remarkable, blessed day for us all as we concluded our days in Jerusalem.


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  1. Roy permalink

    That was a blessing to have Jewish Christian guides.

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