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Final Day

by on May 13, 2017

As I awoke this morning to our last day in Jordan, I thought back and wondered how the Israelites might have have felt their last day in Jordan as they prepared to cross over to the land God promised to them.

A highlight of the morning was gathering in the lounge at the Marriott Hotel with all our travel mates and singing two songs together. Fadi, one of our guides, played the piano while Jihan, our other guide sang a few verses of hymns in Arabic.

We then headed north and Jihan shared the last half of her amazing testimony during the bus ride.  We enjoyed the drive from the land of the Nabataeans to the land of the Moabites.

Our first stop was in Madaba at the Greek Orthodox Church which contained a mosaic map of the Middle East made in the 6th century A.D. We then walked to lunch at the Food Basket, which is owned by a Christian lady. There we were able to enjoy a lunch of local cuisine and were served Makluba, which is a wonderful  rice dish with chicken.


Next we headed to Mt Nebo which is where God showed Moses The Promised Land, and what a view we had in spite of the haze. Pastor Jim shared some scripture with us before we were turned loose to take pictures and view the mosaics in the Memorial Church of Moses. We were able to see the Dead Sea to the southwest, the Jordan valley to the west, the hills beyond Jerusalem which is only 30 miles in a straight line. It is amazing to think that we stood and viewed some of the things Moses would have seen.



We then stopped at an art store that make the most spectacular mosaics I have ever seen. Several folks were able purchase jewelry or mosaics. Our trek then took us north to the land of the Ammonites to the city of Amman.


Amman is the capitol of Jordan where half the population of the country live. A small villa costs around $200,000 dollars. We spent the last part of our trip touring West Amman.

Lastly, our guides surprised us with a stop at Starbucks where coffee, drinks, mugs, and goodies were happily purchased. We are now headed to our hotel where we can shower and relax before our 11:30 pm departure to Amman airport.

We look forward to returning to share this wonderful experience with our Berean family.






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