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by on May 13, 2017

Our day for Petra broke beautifully with a cool morning in Ammon, Jordan.  We had a journey of about 3 hours that began on Hwy 15, the Desert Highway, or the way of the wilderness.  This took us through the beautiful and modern architecture of Ammon. The roads through the city were the widest and best maintained of any we’ve had on our trip.

Jordan has six public and nineteen universities and their best graduates are exported all over the world to some of the largest corporations.

Editors note: I have been missing my ESPN sports channel and haven’t seen a golf course anywhere. Ammon apparently has the only gold course in Jordan and is brown, not green.

We left the nice roads oaf the city and moved on towards Petra on bumpy roads. We transitioned to Hwy 25/35, the King’s Hwy, about 45 miles from Petra. Petra has a long history and the area is also known for Wadi Musa (the Spring of Moses). Petra became a World Heritage site in 1985. It became an international phenomenon in 1989 with the release of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” that featured it as the place where the chalice (holy grail) a of Christ resided. In 2007 it was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Our first gathering place in Petra was the circular marketplace. It is clean and has eating good places and many shops for souvenirs and local headwear  (scarves that tie around your head). Many of us bought the headwear, but Jim F became the King of Petra, buying 3 scarves and vowing to wear them on fishing trips when he returns home.

The walk to the Treasury Building in Petra is about 1.5 miles through the Siq, (the Crack in the mountains). The site features tombs that are either free standing square blocks or carved into the rock walls. Pastor Jim shared that this may well be the region of Arabia that Paul went to for three years to receive his direct vision of Jesus.
When the Treasury Building of Petra first becomes visible it quakes your breath away.


A red sandstone structures that was rediscovered in the 1830’s. We were all “gazing” at the structure for the longest time.


And then it was time for camel rides! Are you kidding me?? Riding a camel in front of Petra (can you say bucket list!!) Young and old took a ride including Sharon and Jennifer.


We stayed and hiked around for a couple of hours and then a had to say goodbye to this wonder. No one wanted leave the beautiful circular shaded viewing area, but it was time to hike back.

We a had a perfect finish to a perfect day by swimming in the pool at the Petra Marriott Hotel. Special thanks to Pilgrim Tours for finding these great accommodations along the way. The view of the sunset over the Petra mountains from the cliff where there hotel was perched was magnificent!

Our guide, Fadi, treated us to some beautiful piano praise music of praise and worship in the hotel lobby. We sang along with him until it was time to board the bus for our last day. Heavy sigh.

Mark T

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