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Perfect Timing

by on July 5, 2017

Of all the vegetable or fruit plants we have had in our yard over the years, the ones that are most dependable are the raspberries. Other than some weeding, trimming and replanting some new shoots they are very low maintenance. There is something about the NW corner on our property that is conducive to the raspberry as I can remember having plants there when I was a child and when Teresa planted them again some years ago they took right off. So now is the time we enjoy the fruit as every day or two there are ripe ones to pick. The catch is a that there are always some just about ready and since you may forget tomorrow you are tempted to pick them today even though you know they would be better left. If you wait two days, then you may find them on the ground and wishing you had picked them before. When the timing is just right they come off the vine with hardly any nudge and are perfect on that day. It is all a matter of timing; too soon, too late or just the right time to pick (I am probably not going to have this problem with my fig tree since I only have two figs growing right now and the window to pick will be longer).

God’ timing is always just perfect and we are reminded as we see His hand at work in our lives and realize how caring and loving He is. Sometimes we might think He does something at the wrong time from our perspective, maybe we would not have chosen that particular time for that very important experience. However, His perspective is perfect and we are not always privy to His reasons but ultimately we have to ‘walk by faith’ and trust Him. The author of Ecclesiastes reminds us that ‘to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven’ and we are so blessed to know that the season and time coordinate with His purpose and ‘all things work together’ for God’s good and hence ours. Whatever God brings into our lives right now we can be assured it is the perfect season, the perfect timing and fits with His perfect purpose.

-Pastor Jim

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