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Bearing witness to God’s love

by on August 10, 2017

It’s been over a week now that we have woken up to a deep red sun rising through the smokey skies here in the Northwest. It’s a strange feeling to have hot, dry summer days with the sun barely visible because of the fires in British Columbia.

Imagine if you had no way of reading or watching the news, or you had been away for awhile can returned to this type of event. What might you theorize was happening in the world? You might be able to come up with all sorts of reasonable sounding explanations for why the air quality was so poor.

Ultimately, to know the truth, you would need to have someone explain to you what was happening (or go see for yourself). And that person would have had someone explain it to them, who had someone explain it to them, and so on until the source of information leads back to someone who has actually witnessed the fires for themselves. Just because you or I have only experienced the smoke and haven’t seen the fires for ourselves doesn’t make them any less real, or make our explanation of what is happening less valid than someone who has seen the fire. And just because someone might not about the fires at all, doesn’t mean the smoke isn’t there.

God’s love is always present for His creation. At some times and to some people, His love is as obvious as if we were standing directly in front of the flame. Often, it is more subtle – smoke on the horizon that shows us that something might be going on, but we aren’t able to quite name what it is. But He’s there, and He’s loving.

Sometimes we need someone to stop us and tell us about the source of this love. We need someone who can bear witness to the reality we are experiencing. As Christians, as those who have at one time or another been exposed to the flame of God’s love. And because of this, we are able to identify effects of His love and bear witness to those around us of that reality. Thought the Holy Spirit, we have eyes to see the reality of God’s love in our world and explain the ways He is working in the lives of others so they too can understand that reality.

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