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In Our DNA

by on October 18, 2017

Blog from Pastor Jim

DNA, you hear this acronym quite often these days but do you know what it stands for? According to the Oxford Dictionary it is defined as follows, “deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information.” You will notice the word ‘self-replicating’ which suggests that once in motion this material will continue to reproduce and this is why you will often hear someone say in reference to an organization or even church ‘this is in our DNA’ in reference to a core value and mission.

This week we have been sharing in our Annual Berean Missions Conference and I personally have enjoyed greatly all eight families who have been sharing with us. I believe we can truly say that World Missions is part of the DNA of Berean Church and hopefully always will be. We are privileged to support, pray for and encourage our missionaries both from the US and the many from the countries we have partnered with as ultimately our role is to help in training and partnering with national churches so they are equipped to provide the ministry needed for their communities, both local and for their countries.

When Berean was founded 53 years ago in 1964, missions was an integral aspect of our ministry. In our Library you can find the volume The Ministry of the Berean Bible Church and the following quote from p. 414 “From the day that the Berean Church began in 1964 until the sanctuary was completed in 1967, there were two missionary families that were supported on the Missionary Roster, and that included the Marlin Olson family at the Bethany Christian School in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Vernon Bigelow family in Ozamis City, Philippines.”

From that point on our Mission commitment has continued to grow to where our pledge goal this year is $140,000 and this is in addition to many other gifts as well that Bereans contribute. Truly mission work in our own community and throughout the world is part of our DNA and this week has been a great reminder to us of how privileged we are to be a part of God’s great work. Your participation enables us to be assured that our DNA, ‘the carrier of genetic information’, will continue to be a core value for the Berean Bible Church family.

Pastor Jim

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